Alain Le BoucherI have always liked to arrange, to divert objects from their familiar, everyday usage.

At the institute of art of Aix-en-Provence I had a certain affinity with the perceptions of Marcel Duchamp who already in 1910 wanted to disengage himself from the «tyranny of painting». At the same time he was rather disquieting when he asserted that «pleasure does not have its place in art». Even now-a-days his numerous imitateurs continue to reject technical proficiency and proclaim the death of art. If there is no pleasure, no demand for ‘savoir faire’, and furthermore that art is on the decline, why would one aspire to be an artist ?

Electronique Amère
«Jamais un coup de dé n’abolira le hasard»
Série Electronique Amère - 2003
collection privée

Hazard, the ‘GrandMaster’, orients me towards a company of microprocessing then one of software development. There I uncover unexpected, fertile domains, propitiable for artistic creation. Few were the artists in the eighties who integrated the world of
data-processing. They limited their endeavours solely to the graphic use of the machines. When we discussed it, they seemed to perceive data-processing as about exciting as its beige color. It was necessary to begin to work at using this new technique in another manner...


Graine de Folie
Graine de Folie - 1981 (31 x 31 x 31 cm)

With the auspicious initiative of Fernand Braudel, the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme invites me to make my first exhibition of ‘Luchrones’ in 1984. The sculptures are of small stature and their conception is founded on the idea of amalgamating light with the dynamics of Time. The electronic components, even the structure of the logical circuits, are at the origin of the forms – of the bursts of light that travel over the entwining lines.