It’s public art which occupies me for the next few years. In 1986, the first monumental Luchrone lights up at Bourges. Where it continues to glitter. Three years later the city of Reims commands ‘la Coquille’. I’ve changed the dimensions of the works which are four to six meters high. I can even move around inside !

Accustomed now to the large-scale models of four meters in diameter, I realise the Astrolabes of Val-de-Reuil(1990), Reims(1991) and Paris(1997). The light of the stars draws my particular attention. (An attraction witch I’ve had since my earliest childhood.) I make the acquaintance of astronomers, who like artists are personages on the marge of society, remaining aloof from the dictates of suffocating consumerism.

The years passed on weighty projects make me realise to what point I miss the lightness and inventiveness of the Luchrones…

Alain Le Boucher


Astrolabe de Reims
Astrolabe de Reims - 1991 (diamètre : 4 m)